It is my pleasure to share the below excerpt from a chapter I contributed a few years ago to an open-access e-book mental healthcare. My chapter is titled “The Future of Mental Healthcare: Toward an Integrative Paradigm.”

“The future of mental health care will be both daunting in its challenges and filled with the promise of new and better ways of understanding, preventing and treating serious mental illness. Novel approaches for assessing and treating mental illness are being shaped by advances in neuroscience, genetics and the scientific validation of ancient healing traditions in the social context of a growing range of expert resources and services that are becoming possible through rapidly increasing global access to the internet. Future models of mental health care will be determined by demographic trends and economic necessity as well as changing social norms and increasingly holistic values among both physicians and patients.

In the coming decades advances in conventional biomedicine will take in place in parallel with growing insight into the mechanisms underlying non-conventional therapies. Complementary and alternative medicine will evolve from the use of “herbs and vitamins” to a sophisticated research-driven model of integrative medicine based on individualized treatments incorporating biological, mind-body, informational and energy therapies targeting complex multi-factoral causes of mental illness. Improvements in the pharmacological management of mental illness and advances in manufacturing and quality assurance of vitamins, herbals, amino acids and other natural products will result in more efficacious and safer conventional and alternative treatment choices for psychiatric disorders. Treatment protocols incorporating validated mind-body and energy therapies will become widely used preventive therapies for maintaining optimal mental functioning in healthy populations and will be more frequently “prescribed” for the treatment of depression, anxiety, psychosis and other mental health problems.”

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