Dementia and Mild Cognitive Impairment:
The Integrative Mental Health Solution

Effective and affordable non-medication treatments of dementia and mild cognitive impairment
James Lake, MD

Explore new strategies!
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This book is for you if you are

  • struggling with memory loss or other symptoms of mild cognitive impairment or dementia after trying different treatments
  • taking a medication or supplement that isn’t working
  • experiencing adverse effects to a medication or natural supplement
  • taking a medication that is very expensive and looking for affordable alternatives
  • a mental health professional looking for a practical resource for advising patients interested in non-medication or integrative approaches

Integrative mental healthcare:

  • is a person-centered approach that emphasizes maintaining optimal health and wellness
  • takes into account the symptoms, preferences and circumstances of each unique person
  • focuses on treating symptoms not disorders
  • uses conventional mainstream approaches like medications and psychotherapy, and complementary and alternative (CAM) therapies like herbal medicines and acupuncture
  • uses the best available research evidence to develop an individualized treatment plan
  • takes into account each person’s needs, preferences and circumstances

Dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI): The Integrative Mental Health Solution

  • is filled with practical information about safe, effective and affordable treatments including:
  • herbals, vitamins and other natural supplements
  • whole body approaches
  • meditation and mind-body practices
  • light, sound and other established energy therapies
  • subtle energy therapies

Dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI): The Integrative Mental Health Solution includes extensive hyperlinks within the text, and links to valuable internet resources to give you the maximum amount of information in the shortest amount of time.

Praise for Dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI): the Integrative Mental Health Solution

“Dementia and cognitive impairment have become increasingly common in our aging population.  When drugs don’t work, many individuals and their families simply despair and give up.  There is another way — the integrative, natural methods advocated by Dr. James Lake, one of our nation’s leading authorities on non-drug approaches to mental health.  I highly recommended this book for the individuals, caretakers, and families struggling with these challenging problems.”

~ Larry Dossey, MD

Author:  One Mind:  How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Consciousness and Why It Matters

Dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI): The Integrative Mental Health Solution will help you

  • Understand dementia and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) better
  • Take inventory of your symptoms
  • Learn about a variety of non-medication approaches for treating memory loss and other symptoms of cognitive impairment
  • Develop a customized treatment plan that makes sense for you
  • Re-evaluate your treatment plan and make changes if your initial plan doesn’t work

Treatment approaches are summarized in easy-to-read bullets so you can easily find key information on a variety of treatment choices, including:

  • Name of treatment and category (biological, whole-body, mind-body and energetic)
  • How the treatment works (comments on the mechanism of action where known)
  • Dosages (for natural supplements) or frequency or duration of use to achieve beneficial effects (for whole body, mind-body or energy approaches)
  • Examples of safe and effective combinations with other treatments
  • Comments and warnings about adverse effects and particular treatment combinations that may be unsafe and should be avoided
  • Duration of treatment needed to achieve beneficial results (where known)

Available at Smashwords
Available at Amazon


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